Staff & Leadership

Meet our wonderful team!

Executive Office

Amanda Masterson (ext. 102)
Chief Executive Officer

Vickie Perronteau

Vickie Perronteau (ext. 101)
Executive Assistant

Deanna Downey (ext. 155)
Senior Director of Operations


Josh Swetnam

Josh Swetnam
Director of Haven Family Counseling

Donna R. Phillips
Clinical Supervisor (TRC)

Leslie Bratcher (ext. 154)
Director of Residential Services & Clinical Director of TFC

Heaven Sublett (ext. 110)
Referral & Intake Coordinator

John Riley

John Riley (ext. 130)
Food Service Supervisor

Jacey Standridge
Therapeutic Support Specialist

Margie Thompson (ext. 165)
Therapist, Residential Foster Care Program

Dr. Adrian L. Pennebaker (ext.129)
Director of Community Based Services

Alan Gomez

Alan Gomez (ext. 135) 
Program Manager, Pre-Independent Living & Independent Living

John Scherer

John Scherer (ext. 164)
Training & Quality Assurance Coordinator

Sarah Faulkner

Sarah Faulkner (ext. 152)
Director of Campus-Based Services

Ayla Espinosa (ext. 110) 
IL/IR Supervisor

Michale Fountain 
Pre-Independent Living Program Team Lead

Jann McKay (ext. 145) 
Recruitment & Training Case Manager, Therapeutic Foster Care

ShaRonda Allen 
Senior Youth Counselor

Sarah Jacoby (ext. 105)
Vocational & Therapeutic Services Supervisor

Margaret Denicola
Therapeutic Support Specialist

Corey Jones

Corey Jones 
Residential Manager

Melanie Ryan

Melanie Ryan 
Therapeutic Support Floater

Laura Carr (ext. 109) 
Foster Care Development Manager


Joanne Caridis

Joanne Caridis (ext. 108) 
Director of Development

Nick Brewer

Nick Brewer (ext. 150) 
Marketing & Design Manager

Kayli Jones (ext. 113) 
Volunteer & Events Manager


Leanne Tharpe

Lee Ann Tharp (ext. 123)
Billing and Accounts Receivable

Kayla Pierce (ext. 103)
Director of Finance

Human Resources

Tracy Sanborn

Tracy Sanborn 
HR/Payroll Specialist

Vetta Johnson 
Director of Human Resources

Our Board of Trustees

Steve Diebold, Board Chair

Milt Tandy, Vice Chair

David Worland, Treasurer

Christopher Rambicure, Secretary

Lisa DeJaco Crutcher

Tony Diebold

Lisa Ewen

Christy Ferko

Shea Hallenberg

Josh Lindley

Amy McNatt

Martha Walker

Jeff Spalding

Frank Buster

Tim Horton

Chris Green

Michael Marquette