Animal-Assisted Therapy

Healing starts here.

What we do:

Animal-Assisted Therapy includes activities to promote physical, occupational, and emotional growth in children who have experienced trauma – our approach empowers kids to develop practical skills on their healing journey.

The program utilizes horses, pigs, dogs, and other animals in the healing process for foster youth.

We foster horses as we foster youth—while both are waiting to find forever homes. The program is unique in the state and there are no other agencies who can provide animal-assisted therapy as we do.

Many foster children have experienced complex and developmental trauma. This program allows a safe space for our children to learn to build trusting relationships again. Animal-Assisted Therapy bridges the gap so our children can transfer the principles they learn in relating to horses to relating to trusting humans again.

How you can help:

BGH needs donations and volunteers to support its growing programs. The agency is asking for interested community members to serve as representatives on its Equine Advisory Board. If you are a horse person, mental health professional, advocate for youth, or simply want to help make a difference, this is a great place for you to get involved. BGH is also calling on organizations and members of the public to help procure donations of animal feed, bedding, horse tack, and any other supplies.

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